About RTG

Redmond parent education cooperative is a learning experience you and your child will treasure together

Our cozy reading nook
Our custom firetruck made by a parent
Fun castle for our older toddlers to climb

Welcome to the Redmond Toddler Group parent education cooperative (also affectionately known as Toby School after our mascot, Toby the koala bear)!  Our program is a wonderful learning experience that you and your child will treasure together for many years to come.   RTG is a non-profit organization sponsored by Lake Washington Institute of Technology’s Parent Education Department (LWTech). 

RTG offers support and in class parenting education for parents while providing enriching and age appropriate playtime for children.   We provide a structured environment such as circle time and fun activities for parents to do with their children in a comfortable environment.  We provide opportunities for parents to connect and build strong relationships with other parents. RTG also organizes activities outside of class time which include evening parenting classes as well as family events such as hikes and our annual fundraising carnival.  

What is a co-operative program?

It is a program that combines education and practical hands on experience.  Our weekly classes involve a parent education class component where our teachers discuss and educate the parents on age appropriate topics which may include nutrition, sleep or potty training.  Half of the parents will attend these sessions, while the other half watches the toddlers in specific areas of the classroom such as the sensory play area or the play kitchen.  Parents gain work experience by interacting with the toddlers.  Examples would be showing a group of children how to roll a ball with play dough or resolving conflict between children fighting over a toy.  Parents also work together and share rotating classroom responsibilities such as after class clean up, providing a snack or bringing in school supplies. Our program becomes a fun and loving community when parents join in and work together.  


We offer different sets of classes:  Pre-Toddler (4-15 months), Toddler (12-23 months, 21-27 months, and 24-36 months), and Family (12-36 months) . Each class focuses on specific needs for parents and children of those ages. In our infant classes, parent-ed is in the same room so you can stay close to your little one. In our toddler classes, parent-ed is in a room just off the play area so that children can start to gain a bit of independence.


We have hundreds of books and videos in our Library (both parent-education and children’s titles) that you may check out.  Each quarter there maybe opportunities to hear from top-rated speakers from around the Puget Sound area. We’re also proud of the fact that we belong to the Organization for Parent Education, a state-wide group that keeps us informed of all the state-wide legislative activity pertaining to parenting and family issues.


Redmond Toddler Group relies on the generous support and donations from our students and our community.  Your donations help support tuition scholarships and providing classroom toys and supplies creating a safe and fun environment for our families.

Some examples of fundraising initiatives include purchasing books from our Scholastic Book Club where every purchase earns books for our classroom and prizes for our carnival,  “Pass the Hat” where families make a suggested donation of $35 that go directly into our Scholarship fund, AmazonSmile where Amazon donates 0.5% of your purchases to RTG and most importantly our annual fundraising Carnival.  If you’d like more information or would like to donate to our program, please click here.