Teachers Bio

Our teachers are vocationally certified parent education instructors. They have their four-year degrees and are employed by Lake Washington Technical College. Their knowledge, together with the experiences shared by hundreds of parents who have attended their classes, make them a reassuring resource for any parent. In fact, the teachers here at Redmond Toddler Group are our heart and soul. 

Amy Bodie

Amy Bodie is a parent of two fabulous kids who are alumni of the Redmond Toddler Group. She is thrilled to be able to re-engage with this great community and her profession as an educator. Prior to staying home to raise her children, Amy taught third grade in the Bellevue School District. One of her favorite parts of being a teacher was doing home visits and getting a chance to connect one-on-one with her students and their families before the new school year.  She is very thankful for the PEPS newborn program and Redmond Toddler Group that helped guide her through the first few years of motherhood and provided the opportunity to connect with other parents. When Amy had her second child, Redmond Toddler Group continued to support her and her children by providing a warm environment to learn, grow and focus on each other. Amy’s excited to continue to provide a place for parental support, open discussion and learning, and an engaging and interesting environment for toddlers.


Ann Gugat

Ann Gugat is very excited about teaching here at Toby School this year. It is a place near and dear to her heart after completing 5 years at the school with her children. Her son and daughter have very fond memories of “Toby School” and they all still value the enduring friendships made here. Ann has also been a volunteer teacher for health and parenting classes for homeless mothers and have taught English, childbirth education, and health in Nicaragua and Guatemala in the past. She went to midwifery school in Seattle and started practicing as a midwife in 1998. One of the most enjoyable portions of midwifery for Anne was the health education aspect. She felt that if she was able to empower her clients to take control of their own health care that they would be better advocates for children down the road and more confident as parents. Anne stopped practicing midwifery full time since the birth of her second child and started a infant class that grew from birth to 6 weeks to birth to 6 months then to a year (no one ever wanted to say good bye). She’s really looking forward to spending time with all of the wonderful parents and their delightful toddlers here at RTG.

Photo credit: Megan Mehlum Photography

Jennifer Filipovich

Jennifer is thrilled to teach at Redmond Toddler Group! She attended Redmond Toddler Group with both of her children and loved co-op so much that she and her family continued at cooperative preschool, too. She truly values the great relationships and support that Redmond Toddler Group provides for families. Jennifer has lived in Redmond since 2006 and has been involved in several community organizations including Redmond Toddler Group, Redmond Parent Cooperative Preschool, and Hopelink. Jennifer has a Master’s degree in Social Work and Public Policy from the University of Michigan. Prior to teaching at Redmond Toddler Group, she served as a Center Manager for Hopelink in Carnation and worked with migrant farmworker children and families in Michigan.