Info for Current students

Registration for Current Students

Please note: once you've registered for the school year, there is no need to re-register for each quarter in the school year

  1. Complete registration forms online through Jovial using Family Portal (
  2. Once complete, you’ll receive an e-mail from Redmond Toddler Group/Jovial confirming class enrollment and will be asked to pay a non-refundable reservation fee within 1-2 business days (expect longer waits during peak registration periods)
    1. Pay non-refundable reservation fee online ($3 service fee will be added)
    2. Pay in class with cash or check
  3. Complete the LWTech form
    1. Printed copies in class to be completed and submitted to parent leader/teacher. Click here to download LWTech form 
    2. Alternatively, download a digital copy to be completed digitally and submitted through family portal. We cannot accept a photo of the form hand written and then uploaded onto Jovial. 

Student Participation and Requirements

  • Parent(s) and child(ren) attend class together once a week. If you are unable to attend class you must contact your parent-leader.
  • Parent(s) must attend an orientation meeting in September.
  • Parent participate in other duties of the co-op which may include toy and room cleans, co-op class preparation, and other duties that may be outlined in the student handbook.
  • Classes run September through June, for a 33-week school year.
  • Parents pay class fees in three installments, due in September, December, and March. Full and partial scholarships are available.
  • Parent(s) must participate in annual fundraising carnival.
  • Due to the one-on-one nature of our program, we can only accommodate one set of multiples per class. Parents of triplets, quadruplets, etc. are requested to enroll 2 or more adults in the class to maintain at least a 1:2 parent/child ratio in the program.

Please refer to our RTG Student Handbook for more detail on class participation and requirements for our program.

Important Links for Students

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