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We have elected our Board of Directors for 2018-2019!

Board of Directors

  • President oversees the Board, runs Board meetings, and maintains that Board meetings are on schedule and on focus.  President is a signer on bank account.
  • Registrar enrolls students in the appropriate class, maintains class rosters and handles adds and drops throughout the school year. The registrar also checks email and voicemail and answers many questions about RTG, and helps inform prospective students about our program.  The registrar is also Vice President and shall perform duties of the President if the President is absent, thus registrar is also a signer on bank account.  The registrar also attends Open Houses to assist with registration for new students.
  • Treasurer (2 positions) deals with the financial aspect of RTG which includes collecting and depositing tuition checks and balancing the books, plus a signer on bank account.  He or she is also responsible for paying bills, preparing an annual budget and ensuring that the group remains on budget.  This position will work with an Accountant that has been hired by the Board.  The Accountant will be responsible for payroll and filing taxes.
  • Secretary takes minutes at the Board meetings, may coordinate the preschool information night in January with teachers help, and is a signer on bank account. The minutes are typed up and emailed to all the Board members within a week after the Board meeting.
  • Fundraiser is responsible for all of the fundraising that goes on at RTG throughout the year. The fundraising chair can put together his/her own plan for fundraising activities.  We currently have one annual fundraising event (Carnival) and another fall fundraising event.  Fundraiser is a signer on bank account.
  • Librarian manages the RTG library.  Responsibilities include reviewing checked out book log regularly to ensure books are returned in timely manner, maintaining or replacing damaged books, and cataloging new inventory.  The Librarian performs an annual inventory review.
  • Publicity communicates RTG news with current students and prospective students, outreaches to community bloggers/websites and manages social media.  Produces flyers, posters, brochures and other signage when necessary.  Places advertising to promote open house, Carnival and registration.  Regularly updates Facebook and builds excitement for the program.
  • Toby Times Editor is responsible for creating and distributing the monthly newsletter for RTG using Microsoft Publisher or Apple iWork Pages.
  • Webmaster maintains RTG’s website with up to date information for students and the public.  Familiarity with WordPress is helpful.
  • Scholastic places and fills monthly book orders that are placed by RTG students. This person is also responsible for keeping track of all the bonus points and coordinates the usage (prior to carnival) with the teachers.
  • Carnival Chair works with teachers and the Fundraising Chair on all carnival logistics, from reserving the space to ordering prizes, and everything in between to ensure the event runs smoothly and is a success.  Carnival Chair must be available during entire carnival event, including set-up period.
  • Social Director/Purchasing coordinates regular social events for parents to get to know each other.  In addition, monitors inventory levels and oversees purchase of general supplies.  Works with teachers as needed to procure board approved toys and/or equipment for classroom.  Arranges for the carpet and linoleum to be cleaned annually in late summer before school begins.  Checks for needed repairs around the classroom and burned out light bulbs.  Annually updates emergency kit, as needed and ensures first aid kit is complete and up to date.



Download and read our ByLaws.