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*Please note, all evening events and meetings are held at RTG and child-free (infants in arm are permitted) unless another location is noted and activity is labeled all welcome.

January 2019

1/6 – Open House, 10:30am at RTG

1/7 – Beginning of Winter 2019 Quarter

1/7 – New Student Orientation, 7pm at RTG

1/9 – Family Evening Open Class, 5:30pm at RTG, everyone are welcome

1/10 – Kirkland Co-op Preschool Night 2019, 7pm at LWTech East Mall

1/28 – Carnival Booth Lead Training, 6:30pm at RTG

1/28 – Board Meeting, 7pm at RTG

1/31 – Scholastic book orders due, 9pm

February 2019

2/5 – All COOP Speaker Tracy Cutchlow-Tantrums and Yelling and Defiance, O My!, 7pm at LWIT Kirkland, West 404

2/7 – Carnival Information Night, Class H and I, 7pm at RTG

2/11 – Carnival Information Night, Class A, 7pm at RTG

2/12 – Carnival Information Night, Class B and C, 7pm at RTG

2/13~2/20 Mid Winter Break

2/25 – Board Meeting, 7pm at RTG

2/26 – Winter walk with Miss Ann, 10am at Farrell Mc-Whirter Park

2/26 – Carnival Information Night, Class D and E, 7pm at RTG

2/28 – Carnival Information Night, Class F and G, 7pm at RTG

March 2019

3/4 – Miss Amy’s Family Night, 5:30pm at RTG

3/15 – Carnival Set up & Cake Drop off, 5pm ~7pm at Evergreen Middle School

3/16 – Carnival, 9am~12pm at Evergreen Middle School

3/18~3/22 End of Winter quarter

3/25 – Board Meeting, 7pm at RTG

3/28 – Beginning of Spring Quarter

April 2019

4/8~4/12 Spring Break

4/22 – Board Meeting, 7pm at RTG

May 2019

5/27 –Board Meeting, 7pm at RTG

June 2019

6/5~6/7 End of spring quarter for class D, E, F, G, H and I

6/10~6/11 End of spring quarter for class A, B and C

6/24 – Board Meeting, 7pm at RTG