Carnival Information

Carnival Information Nights 

All students are required to attend one of the following evenings. All meetings are at 7:00 at RTG, and count as Parent Ed. It is recommended that you attend the night for your class so that you can sign up for your Carnival shift at that time, but if you cannot, attend any of the nights that work for you.
Miss Ann’s Classes:  
Class H and Class G – February 1st,
Class F and Class I – March 1st.
 * Class F- will stay late on 3/1 to do a toy clean (that night will count as 2 parent eds).
Miss Anita’s Class:  
February 6th 
Miss Jennifer’s Class:  
February 8th 
Miss Amy’s Class:  
February 21st. 

Accepting Donations for Carnival 2017

If you would like to make a raffle donation for the next Redmond Toddler Group Carnival, please talk to your teacher or contact us.