Scholastic Book Order

Scholastic Book Orders

Instructions for Scholastic Online Orders:

  1. Go to the following website:
  2. If you are a returning student, go to the red “Sign in now” section and enter your user ID and password and start shopping! Our class activation code is:   L79HP.  Please remember to update your child’s class letter.
  3. If you are a new student, go to the yellow “First time here?” Parents section.
  4. It will ask you to connect to your teacher.  Use the Class Activation Code, which is L79HP.
  5. It will then show Anita Jefferson as the teacher and the RTG address.  This is correct for everyone attending RTG.  Click “Create an Account”
  6. Fill out your personal information and then click “Continue”

Next it will ask you to register your child.  Please note the following exceptions before entering your information:

    • When it asks for your Child’s First Name please enter YOUR LAST NAME instead
    • When it asks for your Child’s Last Name please enter YOUR CLASS LETTER (ex: Class C – as it must be more than 1 letter)

7. Click “Get Started”

  • At this point, you should be able to view the catalogs selected for our school.
  • Click the catalog you want to shop from, add the items to your cart, and click Check Out when you are finished shopping.
  • Finally, review your order, enter your payment information, and confirm and submit the order.  Your order will come to me, and your credit card payment will go directly to Scholastic’s secure server.
  • After I submit the entire class’s order to Scholastic, your order will be delivered to our classroom for you to take home.

Note:  This will be the only time you have to complete all of these steps.  In the future, you will be able to just log in and it will take you straight to the catalog page. 

Questions or book recommendations? Please contact our 2019-2020 Scholastic Chair, Sara