Class C, Class J and Evening family Class

We have sample classes on 6/13. Pretoddlers at 9:30am. Toddlers at 11:30am. Please come and join us!

Class C (The Elk) 

Do you have active kids that are close to 3 years old or up? The Class C, also known as the Elk class, might be the great choice for you!

The class C is held from 11:30~2:00pm on Tuesdays. It is for toddlers between the ages of  30-42 months. The class offers children and their families enrichment activities, special guests, and once-a-quarter field trips in addition to interactive music and movement, show and tell, and circle time. Early math, reasoning, and science activities such as counting, matching games, planting seeds, and exploring the five senses are introduced to children in play-based ways. Children in this class are often also enrolled in a preschool; this class gives parents the opportunity to see their children in a school setting and participate in a fun class together. Siblings younger than 12 months old as of September 1 may also attend this family class. Class time includes time for children to socialize with other kids their age and ends with a story and additional song. If you have questions please email Miss Jennifer (

Evening Family Class – Class E

The family class is held from 5:30~7:15pm on Wednesday. It is for toddlers between the ages 12~36 months, with siblings up to age 5.
We offering families, who are already attending a daytime class, the option to add the evening family class at a discounted rate. Tuition would be $100 (additional siblings + $25) This is also a great opportunity for working spouses to be able to take a class with their toddlers.
If you have questions please email Miss Amy (

Class J (The bunnies)

Class J is for babies at 4 months ~15 month old, birthdate 6/1/18-5/1/19 The Class J is held form 11:30am~1:00pm on Wednesdays. This is a Spring 2019 only class. The tuition fee is $100. The registration fee is $50. If you have questions please email Miss Amy at (