Class Descriptions

Bunnies Class
4-15 months

Perfect for new parents or parents who want to introduce their little ones to a group classroom setting.  We provide a safe environment for infants and waddlers to explore and play.  We also have circle time and parent education in the same room as our little ones.   Classes usually start with a sensory activity or fun art project that makes a wonderful keepsake.



Squirrels Class
12-24 months

A wonderful class for families who want to introduce their littles to a semi-structured classroom environment.  We start each class with a fun art project that help little ones develop their fine motor skills.  Circle time begins with bubbles, songs, musical instruments and puppets.  Children are free to move around and explore their environment.  Our classroom has age appropriate toys and will change as the year progresses to meet the developmental needs of the toddlers. 

Otters Class
21-27 months

Much like our Beavers class, our Otters class is designed for our younger toddlers born in the summer months who may not be ready for the increased expectations of the 24-36 month classes (such as separating from parents).  The expectations will increase slowly over the school year.  

Beavers Class
24-36 month

Our beavers class offers play-based, structured activities and opportunities for free play and social interaction with peers.  Our goal is to increase the confidence and skills of children as they prepare to move into preschool.  Circle time includes songs, show and tell, and art explanation from the teacher.  The arts and crafts allow children to experience and practice fine motor skills and to have a variety of sensory experiences.  Expectations of children include participating with caregiver during circle time, learning to communicate with adults other than their caregiver, and working on separating from caregiver during parent education.  Class ends with a story, stamp, and special goodbye song. 

Elk Class
30-42 months

Our Elk class is designed for our older toddlers.  This class offers children and their families enrichment activities, special guests, and once-a-quarter field trips in addition to interactive music and movement, show and tell, and circle time.  Early math, reasoning, and science activities such as counting, matching games, planting seeds, and exploring the five senses are introduced to children in play-based ways.  Children in this class are often also enrolled in a preschool; this class gives parents the opportunity to see their children in a school setting and participate in a fun class together.  Siblings younger than 12 months old as of September 1 may also attend this family class.  Class time includes time for children to socialize with other kids their age and ends with a story and additional song. 


Racoons Class (Family class)
12-36 months

Our evening class is perfect for families with busy day schedules, multiple siblings or working families.  The family class is open to one or both parents attending with a toddler who will be 12 months by September 1st.  Sibling(s) up to the age of 5 is welcome with teacher approval.  Limited sibling spots for a younger child under 12 months as of August 31, 2019.