Class Descriptions

Toddlers (12-24 and 24-36 months)

Because play is the young child’s chief avenue for learning, the Redmond Toddler Group toddler classroom is arranged to facilitate many wonderful opportunities for creative play. Children try on adult roles in our housekeeping corner. Our book nook allows for quiet playtime and we have many other toys from which to choose.

Active children will enjoy the climber and the castle. We ask all adults and children to wash their hands when they arrive, after art and before eating which is held at the art and snack tables.

Half the parents supervise the children at play while the other half goes to parent education. During parent education students receive instruction about a variety of things that they can do to enhance their child’s development and participate in an open forum about the challenges and rewards of raising toddlers.

The Parent Education Library is located in the toddler room and may be utilized by any current RTG student before or after class.

Toddlers (21-27 months)

Same as above, however class is designed with summer babies in mind who are not ready yet for the increased expectations of the 24-36 month classes (for example sharing time and separating from parents).  The expectations will increase slowly over the school year.  Toddlers who turn 2 in the fall will get a taste of what the 24-36 month class is like as the school year progresses.

Babies/Pretoddlers (0-12 months)

This class is designed for parents and young children to attend a class together sharing in developmentally appropriate activities. The class will include an activity of the day, such as a sensory area, art activity, discovery box etc. There will be age appropriate toys, circle time, and a Parent Education topic for the week.

Parents will have access to the Parent Education library, RTG newsletter and Scholastic Book orders. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know other parents of young children, share ideas on parenting, and learn about community resources.

Family  (0-36 months)

The family class is open to one or both parents attending with 1 or 2 children in the age range.